Being a boss babe comes with challenges, especially in relationships. Working long hours and focusing on your business can take away a lot of time with your partner and some people can’t seem to handle that. If you don’t understand the value of being in a relationship with a boss babe, here are 5 reasons why you should fall in love with a boss babe!

5 Reasons You Should Fall in Love with a Boss Babe

She is independent.

Boss Babes are independent by nature. She doesn’t need someone to take care of her, she can take care of herself. That doesn’t mean she should be neglected, but she doesn’t need or want someone by her side 24/7. 

Personal time is a must! I can’t speak for everyone, but I am very independent. I start to feel overwhelmed and stressed when I am with someone who is too clingy!

She will challenge you.

Life with a boss babe won’t be easy, but it will be worth it. Don’t expect to be lazy when you are in a relationship with someone who is business driven. She will push you to be the best man you can be. You may not appreciate it at the time, but that is her way of showing you she loves you and has your best interest at heart. 

She will be loyal AF.

Boss babes know what they want and they don’t waste their time. She won’t waste yours either. If you are lucky enough to have a boss babe, she will always have your back! She will be the first one to stand up for you, even if you don’t need it. 

You also don’t have to worry about cheating. She’s too busy trying to reach her goals. Wasting people’s time is just something she isn’t going to do. 

She is confident.

Boss babes are not self-absorbed, but we know our value and our worth. She doesn’t need someone to tell her how awesome she is…she already knows it! 

We are still women though, and most women do love getting compliments, but you won’t catch us asking you if something makes us look fat. We are confident with ourselves and nobody can take that away. 


She doesn't NEED you.

She can pay her own rent/mortgage. She takes care of herself and her bills and that is something that makes her feel empowered. She doesn’t need you to pay her way in life. 

If she is with you, you know it’s because she wants you to be part of your life. You don’t have to question if she is just using you for money.

I’m personally trying to set an example for my niece. I want her to see me being successful without a man. I want her to know that she can do it too. 


This is just a fun little post I wanted to put together. Please don’t take everything to heart. Not all boss babes are the same. I am just speaking for myself and having a little fun! 

Boss babes, what are some of your qualities? I would love to read your comments!

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