I’m a visual person. I love pretty things and having those things helps to keep me motivated. Sure, I could still be successful without all the beautiful items below, but what boss babe doesn’t love having her desktop looking as gorgeous as she is?!? Check out these 15 MUST-HAVE Feminine Desktop Decor! 

15 Must-Have Feminine Desktop Decor
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I’m not sure I know a boss babe who wouldn’t LOVE to have these gorgeous pens on her desk! 

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Sometimes work and life can get stressful. When it does, turn on this beautiful gold diffuser and take a few minutes to breathe in the essential oil of your choice and relax. My favorite essential oil is Bergamot. The smell is uplifting and re-energizes me! If you don’t have a Doterra consultant, check out Essential Oils with Mrs. Deering! 

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This decor ball doesn’t serve a purpose, but wouldn’t it look fab on top of your desk?!?


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I’m good at  a lot of things, but keeping a plant alive isn’t one of them! Succulents are pretty to look at and super easy to care for. Perfect for the boss babe who is always on the go!

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This storm glass weather predictor is another item that isn’t essential to have on your desk, but when things are super stressful, things like this seem to distract me for a minute and allows me to recuperate. 

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As you will see throughout this post, and on my website, I am a huge fan of Rose Golds. I can never get enough of this beautiful color! 

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Matching office supplies are my jam!

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A Rose Gold Post-it Pop-up note dispenser?!? Yes, please!

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If you have to have a mouse pad, it might as well be pretty! 

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A fun and cute way to keep up with the days!

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White & Gold is another mix I LOVE in the office! 

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Imagine the deals you could make with these stunning pens! 

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I’m HUGE on organizing! If my desk is not organized, I feel completely chaotic…which isn’t good for my productivity!

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This may be one of my favorite accessories. My phone somehow disappears from me every time it is on my desk…not anymore!

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This Bluetooth speaker is perfect to listen to inspiring podcasts or music while you are working away!

I hope you have enjoyed my list of 15 MUST-HAVE Feminine Desktop Decor! What are your favorites? I would love to hear from you in the comments!

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